Trafton Engineering Associates LLC

Civil Engineering

TEA provides consulting civil engineering services for commercial, residential and industrial sites. From single lot homeowners to large subdivisions to commercial/industrial facility site development, TEA can meet your needs. Read more.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental liability can be costly. TEA can help to protect property investment and the environment through site assessment, monitoring, compliance audits and inspection to identify potential environmental and health risks. Prevention planning is a cost effective way to avoid spills, leaks, permit violations and other damages. TEA staff is experienced in contaminated site clean-up, remediation design, implementation and closure. Read more.

Real Property Site Services

TEA provides multiple services to both buyers and sellers of private or commercial real estate. Whether you are a homeowner, home buyer or buying/selling commercial business property, an evaluation of regulatory compliance and environmental site assessment can be invaluable in understanding and protecting your investment by identifying and reducing potential environmental liabilities. Read more.


Trafton Engineering Associates LLC

"Serving the Greater Burlington and Champlain Valley Region"

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Trafton M. Crandall P.E. (Owner/Manager)
Consulting Engineering Services
Established 2007


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