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Trafton CrandallTrafton M. Crandall is the Owner/Manager of Trafton Engineering Associates LLC (TEA). His goal is to provide personalized and thoughtful service to meet the needs of clients. The regulatory process can be difficult and complex. TEA will assist you in navigating the federal, state and local permit process while not losing sight of project design objectives and achieving a quality end result in tune with sound conservation practices. Trafton is a Professional Engineer, licensed in Vermont and Connecticut. Trafton has had experience managing a variety of development and environmental projects over the past fifteen years in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont. Trafton owned and operated a dairy farm in northeast Vermont for 13 years before returning to the University of Vermont where he earned a Civil Engineering BS degree with honors in 1991. He continued his education at Cornell University and earned a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering 1993. He also holds a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont. Trafton and his wife Laura returned to Vermont in 2001 and they reside in Charlotte. Trafton is a member of the Charlotte Conservation Commission, the Charlotte-Shelburne Rotary Club and the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce. A resume and list of project experience is available upon request.

Trafton Engineering Associates LLC

343 Orchard Road, Charlotte, VT 05445
(802) 425-7761

Trafton M. Crandall P.E. (Owner/Manager)
Consulting Engineering Services
Established 2007


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